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Client Centered

What We Believe

Each individual client deserves to have a custom-made financial plan based on their current situation, future, feelings, and family dynamics.

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What We Do

Dedicating each investment dollar to a particular purpose we build client portfolios using an evidence based process on current and objective information.

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Who We Are

We are built different.  We challenge industry standards and strive to deliver better client outcomes.

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Stress Test Portfolio

Built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, we quantify risk using a specific number instead of using subjective terminology like “moderately conservative” and “moderately aggressive.”

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Experienced Team

Ryan Schrift, AIF®

Managing Director

(704) 461-8847

Ryan Schrift, AIF®, is the Managing Director and a Financial Advisor at R.J. Schrift Private Asset Management. Ryan earned a B.A. in Accounting from the department of business and economics at Washington and Jefferson College and...
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Susan Sheppard

Client Service Manager

Susan Thomas is the Client Service Manager at R.J. Schrift Private Asset Management. Her extensive duties at the firm include managing compliance, fulfilling client requests, monitoring office procedures, and overseeing schedules for...

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Lyndi Jenkins

Administrative Assistant

Lyndi Jenkins is the Administrative Assistant at R.J. Schrift Private Asset Management.  Her many roles include tracking client communication, scheduling, client reporting, and building educational content for estate attorneys and...

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Jim Crisp, CFP™, AIF®

Portfolio Strategist


Jim Crisp, CFP™, AIF® is the Portfolio Strategist for R.J. Schrift Private Asset Management. He has been taking care of clients and their investments for over 35 years. Jim launched his own firm, Clearbrook Advisory Services,...

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“Know what you own and why you own it.” - Peter Lynch