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What We Do

We follow an investment management and asset dedication process that keeps the majority of our investment portfolios in-house and allows us to monitor the holdings daily.  

The Asset Dedication Strategy frees up cash for daily expenses, generates the necessary cash flows to fund your retirement needs, and positions your portfolio for growth to finance your later years. The Asset Dedication Strategy segments your retirement assets into three buckets - cash, income, and growth - that match the goals laid out in your financial plan. If retirement is further out in the future or another financial goal is an immediate priority, we will determine the best foot forward through a very candid conversation to best align your thinking with our execution.

Asset Dedication truly customizes a portfolio for each person instead of trying to force-fit that person into an arbitrary category.

These portfolios are built with the client in mind. Whether you are 65 years of age or 40 - no one likes to lose money. Focusing on managing risk first and then taking advantage of market opportunities allows us to pursue targeted long-term results without wiping out our client’s nest egg.

Using proprietary technology derived by a team of industry veterans we evaluate the overall stock market environment and review the financials of over 400 individual securities. After taking a detailed dive into each of the 11 sectors1 of the S&P 500, we narrow the playing field and analyze what we believe to be the most favorable and the price movement of all the securities every day.

1Because of their narrow focus, sector investing will be subject to greater volatility than investing more broadly across many sectors and companies.